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WATKINS products

Quality since 1868

For information about becoming a WATKINS associate and to join the Summit group use code PB4364


If you would like a FREE catalog ask me; PATTY BASS

To contact Patty Bass WATKINS associate #337217 by phone (931) 766-3090 leave message please.

order online:

Click the pictures if you want to earn extra cash. When asked use code PB4364

associate 337217
order online

Products for the Pantry include: spices, sauces, vanilla, desserts,drinks;hot  or cold,herbs and blends, extracts, pizza and pie crust.To see these products request a catalog from me. To order online; please give me the credit by using my associate number 337217 ( write it down, there is no back button) go to WATKINS website at

remember; Patty Bass associate 337217 when ordering the first time

Products for the Medicine cabinet include,vitamins, health enhancing items, linaments, salves.
Watkins red linament was  the first product marketed. Ask for a catalog to see the complete line of products.

Patty Bass associate 337217
order online